Christian L. Campbell |

Christian L. Campbell owns Christian L. Campbell Consulting LLC, which specializes in global corporate governance and compliance, and he has served as the owner of that entity since February 2016. Mr. Campbell previously served as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of YUM from its formation in 1997 until his retirement in February 2016. In 2001, Mr. Campbell’s role was expanded to include Chief Franchise Policy Officer. In these positions, Mr. Campbell oversaw all legal matters at YUM and was responsible for the oversight of YUM purchasing as a director of YUM’s purchasing cooperative with its franchisees. Prior to joining YUM, Mr. Campbell was a Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Owens Corning, an NYSE-listed leading global producer of fiberglass insulation and composite building materials. Prior to Owens Corning, he was Vice President and General Counsel for Nalco Chemical Company, formerly an NYSE-listed company. In addition, Mr. Campbell was a founding director of Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. (“RSCS”), a purchasing cooperative for YUM’s U.S. franchising partners, and he served on RSCS’s board of directors from its formation in 2001 until 2015. Mr. Campbell brings to our Board significant expertise in corporate governance, corporate compliance and risk management of U.S. publicly traded companies. In addition, Mr. Campbell brings to our Board extensive knowledge of the quick-service restaurant industry, global franchising and corporate leadership.