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[Photo] Entrance view of Pizza Hut

Yum China operates China’s leading restaurant brands, including KFC, Pizza Hut Casual Dining, Pizza Hut Home Service, East Dawning, Little Sheep and Taco Bell. These brands are integrated into local popular culture and our customers' daily lives.

[logo] KFC

KFC is the largest restaurant brand in China in terms of system sales and number of restaurants, and is the world's most popular chicken restaurant chain. Founded in 1951 by Colonel Harland D. Sanders in Corbin, Kentucky USA, KFC opened its first restaurant in Beijing in 1987. Today, we have grown to over 5,200 KFC restaurants across 1,100 cities across China.

We are passionate about bringing the fantastic taste of KFC to as many people as possible in China. We work hard to create irresistible tastes and experiences that delight our customers time and again. In addition to our Original Recipe Chicken, we offer an extensive localized menu featuring pork, beef, seafood, rice dishes, fresh vegetables, soups, breakfast, desserts, and many other products to cater to local tastes.

We invest in innovation to give our customers the best possible in-store experience. At our core are local teams who help make KFC a part of our customers' lives, and who are passionate about serving our food with pride every day.

KFC offers 24-hour service and delivery across the country to provide the utmost convenience to customers.

To learn more about KFC in China, please visit the Chinese language website at www.kfc.com.cn.

[Logo] Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is the world's largest pizza company. It started from humble beginnings, over 55 years ago when the Carney brothers borrowed $600 from their mom and set out to change the way the world experiences pizza.

Our first Pizza Hut restaurant in China opened in Beijing in 1990, and since then, we have opened over 1,700 Pizza Hut restaurants across 400 cities. We are extremely proud of our heritage as the first restaurant chain to introduce pizza and Western-style casual dining to China. Today, Pizza Hut is the largest Western casual dining brand in China as measured by system sales and number of restaurants. In a 2015 survey conducted by Nielsen, Pizza Hut Casual Dining was ranked the "Most Preferred Western Casual Dining Restaurant" in China.

Pizza Hut was built on the belief that pizza night should be special, and we continue to carry that belief. We offer welcoming dining spaces for customers across China where we encourage our customers to live their best life. We create food we're proud to serve and deliver it with a smile.

To learn more about Pizza Hut Casual Dining in China, please visit the Chinese language website at www.pizzahut.com.cn.

[Logo] Pizza Hut Home Service

The company introduced pizza delivery to China in 2001, there are over 350 Pizza Hut Home Service units in more than 50 cities across China.

Delivery enables our busy customers to enjoy pizza, as well as our many Chinese dishes, in the comfort of their home or office. We offer first-class customer services and professional staff for a seamless ordering and delivery experience.

To learn more about Pizza Hut Delivery in China, please visit the Chinese language website at www.4008123123.com.

[Logo] East Dawning

East Dawning is a quick service restaurant brand specializing in Chinese cuisine and primarily located in large coastal cities in China. We first opened East Dawning in 2005 so our customers could enjoy convenient and high-quality Chinese food in a comfortable setting. Since then, we have grown to over 10 restaurants across China that offer a range of traditional Chinese food suitable for any time of day.

The name East Dawning is derived from a famous Chinese poem, “Red Cliffs” written by Song dynasty poet Su Dongpo.

To learn more about East Dawning, please visit the Chinese language website at www.dfjb.com.cn.

[Logo] Little Sheep

Little Sheep is a well-known hot pot restaurant in China. Originally established in Inner Mongolia in 1999, Little Sheep has over 250 units in both China and international markets today. Of these, over 200 units are franchised.

To learn more about Little Sheep, please visit the Chinese language website at www.littlesheep.com.

[Logo] Little Sheep

Taco Bell is the world’s leading QSR brand specializing in Mexican-style food products, including various types of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, salads, nachos and other related items. The first Taco Bell restaurant was opened in 1962 by Glen Bell in Downey, California. We opened our first Taco Bell Restaurant in Shanghai, China, in December 2016.